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Rules and Regulations

Pupil Rules
The following pupil rules of behavior on school buses have been adopted from the Tennessee State Manual for Pupil Transportation.  Any violation of a rule will result in discipline by the appropriate school principal and possible suspension of bus riding privileges.  Violations will be reported to the principal by the bus driver via a "Bus Conduct Report".  Dependent upon the severity of the offense and the number of prior offense(s), after consulting with the Transportation Supervisor, disciplinary actions may be taken.  Penalty is at the discretion of the principal on any circumstance (may include removal from bus 1 to 10 days or permanent removal from bus).

Any Offense resulting in bodily injury to driver or other student with result in immediate suspension of bus privileges.  Principal will then call a conference with the student and his/her parents, the bus driver and transportation supervisor.

All "Bus Conduct Reports" are kept on file in the principal's office and a copy is sent home to the parent(s) with the student.

  1. Pupil shall arrive at the bus stop before the bus arrives.
  2. Pupil shall wait in a safe place, clear of traffic and away from where the bus stops.
  3. Pupil shall wait in an orderly line and avoid horseplay.
  4. Pupil shall cross the road or street in front of the bus only after the bus has come to a complete stop and upon direction from the driver.
  5. Pupil shall go directly to an available or assigned seat when entering the bus.
  6. Pupil shall remain seated and keep aisles and exits clear.
  7. Pupil shall observe classroom conduct and obey the driver promptly and respectfully.
  8. Pupil shall refrain from throwing or passing objects on, from, or into buses.
  9. Pupil is permitted to carry only objects that can be held on his/her lap.
  10. Pupil shall refrain from the use of profane language, tobacco, alcohol, drugs or any other controlled substances on bus (violation of any of these rules will result in discipline according to current board policy).
  11. Pupil will refrain from eating and drinking on the bus.
  12. Pupil shall not carry hazardous materials, nuisance items or animals onto the bus.
  13. Pupil shall respect the rights and safety of others.
  14. Pupil shall refrain from leaving or boarding the bus at locations other than the assigned stops at home or school without authorization.
  15. Pupil shall refrain from extending head, arms or objects out of the windows.
  16. Pupil shall refrain from hitching rides via the rear bumper or other parts of the bus.

Safety is Everyone's Responsibility


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